Kinect plus Javascript


23 / 02 / 2012 - Initial Release

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KinectJS, (aspiring to) bring motion controls to HTML5.
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List of Demos explained (Work in progress)

Many thanks to the awesome people who created most of the above examples, and for being kind, supportive and letting this project use their work. Thank you!



i.   Kinect SDK 1.0 OR Kinect SDK BETA 2
ii.   A compatible browser (Chrome 15+ / Firefox 10+)


After having installed the drivers drivers succesfully (and you can confirm that the kinect works by running the included Microsoft's demos) run and install KinectSocketServer.exe.

Once that is done, load the KinectSockerServer, the kinect should do a full-vertical scan movement and you should see your network addresses in the main textarea. If that does not happen then something has gone astray and please make sure that you followed the steps correctly or reach me at pkalogiros [AT]

Next, run one of the demos (use this link, or the demos from your localhost) and input your IP address and port as specified in the KinectSocketServer's main window. If the kinect is installed in the same system as your browser, then only the port is required (not the full address) since it will default to localhost.
(This is still a work in progress so things are bound to change a bit)

Technology / Open Source

The client/browser side code is written exclusively in Javascript, and the KinectSocketServer app, in Adobe AIR. Currently, the Javascript Framework is (open source, mit licensed) available with fully commented code and a couple of examples to get you started. The Actionscript/Adobe AIR code is not currently available - but it will be soon, as I am currently in the process of refactoring and cleaning up the (too messy) code so that something good can perhaps come actually from it.

Also, the adobe AIR side, utilizes AIRKinect as the Adobe AIR - MS SDK link. Check it out, the development team has done an amazing job.

Bits & Links

Development will be continued, and as you may have noticed, this page and the documentation are still in progress. Please do not hesitate to contact me at pkalogiros[ AT ] with questions, suggestions, bug reports, anything really.